The images on the following pages contributed to the Viewfinder project which I curated in 2011 and 2012. In considering this show I selected artists, who in a number of ways interrogate the creative intersections between digital and traditional print practices as a means of reflecting upon the nature of representation. This engagement is particularised through intent to test and explore the potential of the now malleable sense of space around and through the surface of the print.  Viewfinder toured on an international basis including outcomes in Seoul, South Korea, Melbourne, Australia, Northampton and Cambridge UK. In support of the project I chaired a symposium with speakers Professor Paul Coldwell and Gill Saunders (Senior Curator of Prints at the V&A).


‘This exhibition brings together a group of artists that are united by an engagement with the photographic image. It is significant that over the last decade, photography has moved from the analogue to the digital, from a darkroom activity with delays to the expectation of instant gratification and the capacity to disseminate at will. Whereas for previous generations, photography was defined through its chemistry and apparatus, it is now defined by history and context. The association with truth or fact, a defining quality attached to analogue photography (even though from its earliest manifestation, it was acknowledged how convincingly it could fabricate truth), in the digital age this has been replaced by the manipulated image. It is therefore timely for exhibition like Viewfinder, to provide a moment to pause and reflect on what some of these changes mean to the artist and how the photographic image sits within other means of image production. All of the artists in Viewfinder attempt to unpick the photographic image, tease out its contradictions and above all return the viewer to an investigation of the surface.’

Professor Paul Coldwell,

Viewfinder Catalogue: ISBN 978-0-9568975-0-3